Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Commentary on the Church

Now, after watching that, most of you will probably think this is a joke. If you really know me and how I feel about that movie, you will be guessing that I am no more joking than I am being serious. The truth is, while you would think that is just a bunch of good acting, think about it. According to the Bible, that is what church is supposed to be like! Dancing, singing, rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord! Of course, James Brown is not going to be the Pastor that leads us there, but that is a glimpse, I think, of what church should really be. 
Lets face it, the church today is in a pretty disorganized mess. I don't think it is going to get much better till our generation takes control and even then, we will have our hands full. My question to you guys is this, What can we do? How can we make church what it should be?
I personally think that there needs to be more concentration on the arts. Not just music, but film, painting, photography etc. I think if the church wants to have a chance, we need to use the weapons that God gave us to fight for the lost souls of unbelievers. 
I would like to read some of your thoughts on this. 

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leanne said...

amen! i totally agree that that is they way we shoud be worshiping the lord! i agree that we shoud be working to bring in more arts into worship, and i have in the past and its amazing how the people responded! its like they came back from the dead for a few minutes!
the hardest part is finding enough time to do more stuff like that, but with the Lords help it can be done! :-D