Friday, December 14, 2007

Purple Rain...

An earlier post begs me to follow up in a post of my own.  How active in culture are we really supposed to be? I for one am someone who could care less about actors and actresses and people who make dumb decisions and don't get in trouble for it. To me, the people who are famous and in the news all the time, are less worthy of my attention than people who aren't. Think about it. When was the last time someone got recognition for doing a good deed? No, all we ever hear about is the bad stuff. 
I personally don't care, even about the musicians of today. Few of them are worth looking at on a personal level. Their music may be great, but their personal lives suck. 
How do we fix this? We, the media saturated generation. How do we fix something that is growing every day into a monster we can't control? Follow the money. "Its all about drugs and money" is one of the most interesting quotes I have ever seen on a T.V. show. Two cops, understand the evil motivations of people. I think, while the show is fiction, the wisdom is not. What does the media look for when it is publishing its news articles etc? What makes them money. That seems to be what anybody ever cares about these days. 
How do we fight the culture trends we don't like? Cut the head off the snake. Stop the money flow. People have been screaming it, but are we all too infected to realize the disease that is going to eventually kill us? 

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Bradley_of_the_Fields said...

I completely agree with you on those points.

The sad thing is that there really isn't much real talent anymore. Everyone who gets famous turns into an attention whore who constantly feels the need to act out in order to be on the front page of the newspaper.

The real talents are the ones you never hear about because they're too busy contributing to the medium that they are working in and aren't out getting in trouble so that pople will remember that they exist.

And I subscribed to your feed. so, please continue writing here. haha.