Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Calling All Conservatives!

A lot of people are being fooled by the rise of Mike Huckabee and what looks like a Christians dream president. It is my belief that Huckabee is not what a lot of people think he is. While I do not endorse Fred Thompson just yet, I think that this blogger has raised sufficient evidence and proof of evidence to show that Huckabee is not a Conservative and is not going to govern as such.
An Open Letter to Conservatives and Evangelicals
I will blog more on this subject in the future, especially as the primaries continue, but for now I will let the above article speak for itself.


Jared said...

whats wrong with giving people in D.C. voting rights? The poor people already get taxed and dont have anything to say about it!

To be honest, I havnt really been impressed with Huckabee to much. I think sometimes he tends to support too many of the bad things that Dubya did.

However, when it comes to immigration, honestly I think his heart is in the right place. Although he will need to be a bit tougher than that to be el presidente.

I actually kind of like Ron Paul, not be confused with a member of the church of Ron Paul (a.k.a. Youtube)

Brittany Lynn said...

This article was rather interesting, because i was so pro-Huckabee at the beginning of his campaign.

I agree with Jared on the whole immigration thing. And i think that it's pretty great how bold he is about his faith. But i hafta wonder how that will effect him as a president. I'm not saying his faith will hinder his ability to lead, because if anything he should be a great leader if he follows biblical examples of what a true leader is. I just wonder if he is really going to be tough, and stand his ground if he is elected and people start to nag him like they do Bush. He seems like a great guy, but listening to him speak and debate kinda makes me pause.

Kinda off topic, but i think it's rather interesting how much of this race has been swayed by the issue of what religion the candidates belong to.
those are my current thoughts.
all done.

Maddy said...

haha, huckabee has chuck norris as his spokesman.