Saturday, December 15, 2007

Raspberry Beret

Continuing on the subject of influencing culture, I think I should post on the "secular" art and "christian" art. 
Lets look at music first. If you listen to christian radio, as I do, you would know that just about everything on christian radio that isn't a cover of a previous hit, is probably a copy of something in the secular realm. A popular choice amongst christian bands is to imitate, wether knowingly or unknowingly, the sound of great secular bands like U2. When christian artists aren't copying a popular band, they are probably copying a previously successful christian song. How many different versions of Open the Eyes of My Heart have you heard? Chances are, quite a few. 
Now, time for a show of hands. Who here likes overly fake and totally unrealistic music? 
Thats what I thought. 

I like music. I listen to some form of music all day almost every day. I like music that is different, creative and entertaining. Most Christian music does not fit many of those requirements. There are a few artists who do (David Crowder Band, Casting Crowns and of course, Steven Curtis Chapman) but that is really it, and unfortunately, nobody is following their path. Third Day is another artist that comes to mind. The sad thing is, instead of creating new music that is different, christian artists are just copying (or covering) any of the actual creative music. 
Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Eric Clapton, Bon Jovi etc etc. In the realm of secular music, you almost HAVE to be different and unique and creative in order to survive as a band. Even an artist like Coldplay, while extremely similar to U2, has to differentiate themselves in their sound, in order to be themselves. 
If we as christians want to ever really impact culture, we HAVE to be ourselves and let me just tell you, who you truly are is not who somebody else already has been or is being.  You are different, so be different. 

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leanne said...

once again cudos on the great blog!

i know what you mean! i can only listen to the fish everynow and then because of the music they play. i love them, but they play the same music almost everyday...and it does all sound the same...but even if the music does, the main part i like is the message and words in the songs...

ive sorta been thinking about this kind of being christmas time.
there are seems to be only so many christmas songs, and it seems like not that many artists are creating new christmas songs...but just remakes of remakes of remakes. and nothing is wrong with that...but you do get tired of hearing "o come all ye faithfull" every hour...
but then i noticed that there are some great artists who are making new chrismtas "born in bethlehem" by third day! and a few more...

i feel like ive gotten off subject...and i cant remember what i was aiming for in the first place....

anyways...i enjoy your words at the end of this blog. i think it is quite amazing that no matter how many people you may meet who have something in common, nobody is exactly like you...nobody in the world thinks exaclty like you...i think the hardest part is figuring out what it is that makes you different from all the people.

sorry this is i said before i like thinking...or at least i think i said that before...