Thursday, December 20, 2007

And Now for something, well, you get the picture!

I think things in the culture side have been covered well enough to take a break from that. Today I want to move into another subject that I am passionate about: politics. 
As you may know, it is Election time and the whole country is wrapped up in the debate over who will get their party's presidential nomination and who will be president overall. While I could blog about that, I think instead I will write about something a little more interesting to me: My platform as a candidate. 
Over the years, I have watched and listened, trying to learn as much as I could from the gifted thinkers around me. One thing in common that I find increasingly important in a candidate is character. People don't want the person that will tell them what they want to hear just to get their vote. They want someone who will take a stand. That is what I want to bring to our nations government. Realism. However, it is easy to say one thing and do another, so let me demonstrate by putting out my "platform" issues. Keep in mind, these issues are liable to change as the years progress, but for know, lets assume I am running for office in this years election on the issues of the time. 
1. Taxes. Our government takes in and spends trillions of dollars every year. It is my opinion that too much of that money is taken in, and a hugely excessive amount of money is being wasted. The answer to this is to abolish the IRS and institute a "Fair tax". I would tell you all about the Fair tax and how it could better our country, but for times sake, I will move on. If you are interested in the Fair Tax, got to Fair

2. Immigration. I look at the state of our country today and I see a huge problem. Our country is being overrun by people we don't know. We have people coming into our country and sucking the life out of our infrastructure and causing huge problems. Its not just the fact that people are coming in, its the fact that we don't know who they are and its the fact that because we don't know who they are, we don't know what type of person they are and if they have a criminal record or not. I think it is extremely important that we take control of our borders before we become a province of mexico. 

3. The War. A lot of people may not think that this is as big an issue any more. I, however, think it is important that we finish what has been started by our president. Regardless if you believe the war was "just" or not, I think the important thing to do now is to finish it. We are on the verge of a great victory that is striking fear into the hearts of our enemies. The fact that we still have the power to unseat a regime in less than 24 hours scares countries that wish us harm. I think it is important that we finish what we have begun in Iraq, if for nothing else but to not let anyone ever say that America quit or that America cut and run.  

Other Important Issues: 
Abortion. I am Pro-Life, but I don't think that Federal legislation is necessary. I believe it should be up to the people of this nation. 
Education. I believe that the Government School system is a failure and should be abolished. I think the government should shut down its government schools and then sell its school facilities to private and christian schools. This will lessen the money spent by the government and will ensure a better education for our children. 
Corruption in the Government. I believe that the current U.S. Government needs another McCarthy to clean up corruption. I believe there should be harsher penalties for people who are taking bribes and are granting favors. I do not see how any government can govern justly with corrupt individuals are in it. 
Gay Marriage. It is my belief as a Christian that Gay Marriage is wrong. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I do not think our constitution grants its citizens the "right" to gay marriage. I believe, however, that our citizens, not our Federal Law makers should decide on a ban of Gay marriage. 
Congratulations on reading that. 


leanne said...

im not big in the politics stuff, but i do have one question:
if all the public schools were made into private or christian schools, would they require tuition?
the main reason why i left YACS is because it cost too much for my family.

anyways, just a thought...

have a great day!

Jared said...

I read the whole thing. woot.

Your tax views reminds me of Ron Paul, who wants to do something similar. Mostly what I like about Ron Paul is that he seems more devoted to the constitution than other candidates. However, he also wants to legalize the mary-jane, which I dont think would solve anything.

As much as I would like to discuss all my views on these issues, I have no time to do that at the current time. Instead, I will simply state my position.

I think we should start a plan to pull out of Iraq.


Bradley_of_the_Fields said...

While I couldn't neccesarily comment on the war and definitely not on taxes, I will coment on your other points.

Immigration- I basically agree with you completely there.

Abortion and Gay Marriage- Our country is about freedom, is it not? SO isn't is kind of a contradiction of what our country is to create laws banning things that should be up to citizens? I am pro-life and against gay marriage, but I do not agree with laws against these things. I think that if a woman so chooses to abort a child that is her choice. If two men/ two women want to get married then that should be their choice. I don't feel that the government should interfere in personal affairs.

Education- I do not believe that the school system should be abolished. For one thing, not many people can afford private schooling and therefore that leaves out the poor and underpriveleged. I do not believe that private schools will solve any problems. I do, however, believe that the system should be changed. I believe that there should be less emphasis on unneccesary subjects and only have math, history and science as required subjects.

I feel that everything else should be optional. They should also open up classes for things that aren't typically tought at schools such as logic.

Great post, Donny V.

leanne said...

thanks! it does make sense...and as i was writting that question i figured that was how you were going to answer, but i was just making sure-lol.