Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Vietnam War

The past month I have watched several interesting movies set during the Vietnam War. One of them is "We Were Soldiers" staring Mel Gibson. The other is "Good Morning Vietnam" staring Robin Williams. Having watched these movies, I believe I have stumbled onto something that has disturbed me deeply and has also inspired me.
The Vietnam War has been distorted by the media and in the minds of the people is the darkest time of our country. We were so close to defeating the Communists in Vietnam and yet surrendered right when we were close to victory.
I am not going to pretend that I know all the facts behind the Vietnam war just from watching two movies, but what those movies depicted is a great injustice that I would never EVER want to see happen again. However, I see on the horizon another "unpopular" war in Iraq today. Trust me, losing should not be an option to the United States, because if you open the door even a crack to evil, they will charge into your house and tie you up before you know what happened.
Because of the surrender in Vietnam, it took another 20 years to defeat communism. It took a Reagan to defeat communism. I know for certain that unless the hand of God moves upon our election, that the next Reagan is not going to be in the White House for at least another 4-8 years. We have to win in Iraq and we have to remember history. Vietnam was ours and Iraq is also ours, the troops believe in what they can do now just as another generation of freedom fighters did back in Saigon.
Don't let darkness fall on our country again...


Bradley_of_the_Fields said...

Full Metal Jacket
Apocalypse Now

See those. Sheds an ENTIRELY different light. Focuses more on the mental side of the war and less of the political. Pretty disturbing stuff.

Doesn't glamorize the war in any way either.

Bradley_of_the_Fields said...

Well, I actually do disagree with you to some extent.

Although my reason are mainly from a humanist point of view, as I'm fairly politically ignorant (which I'm trying to change).

So, it's mainly just from those standpoints that I disagree with you on. I just hate death so much.

Jared said...

I dont really understand how you can compare Vietnam and Iraq. They are VERY different. For instance, when troops from Iraq come home, a good amount of them still say we can win. Do you know what most of the troops from Vietnam came home saying? Not good things. They criticized the war and said it was going badly (and it was). No matter what war it is, as the saying goes, "war is hell" (and it is).

Also, your post illuminated one other thing that REALLY annoys me. I dont care what Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannidy, or any other Reagan worshiper says, REAGAN DID NOT DEFEAT COMMUNISM. Communism is a flawed ideology. It sets itself up on false principles that eventually lead to its own downfall. Am I saying that Reagan had nothing to do with it? Not at all. However, I think alot of times hes given WAY to much credit. The Soviet Union was in the process of falling already, and he just happened to speak out at the time when it was already extremely weak.

the gist: A single person doesnt defeat communism. Communism defeats itself.