Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Lonely Bridge...

The wind rushes through my soul
the piercing rain takes its toll
a faint calling distant I hear
is but a distant rumble in my ear

I've watched as lover's parted ways
I have stood watch as friends idly gaze
Though my planks and rafters be abused
no passengers have I ever refused

this night is different though for I can see
a glimpse of a shadow standing neath a tree
What business but heartbreak can bring him here
or per chance a vagabond I should fear?

Tis soon I notice the figure once more
as I feel her feet upon my tired floor
I watch silently, and do not make a stir
to see what business doth bring her

To my desolate river, swollen with rain
is she meeting, fleeing, or simply in pain?
My thoughts race, as she wanders within
Its then her tear filled song does begin

the echoes of her voice calm my swaying
and I listen intent to every word she is saying
"love will come back to me" softly she cries
and pauses as the tears fill her eyes

I stifle my weeping, for I know she is near
but my hollow heart breaks with every tear
If I had but words, I would comfort this miss
for my own life is a story such as this

Overwrought with heartbreak, my story goes
but the hero I became, and overcame my foes
To tell her these things my heart would leap
but that story is just the secret that I keep

I would tell her also, that the rain will stop
the sun always comes out and bunnies hop
Her tears will dry up, just like the rain
and most likely, they will well up again

but life does not wait for these times nor pause
and we are foolish if to think love a lost cause
Though we are fragile people with breaking hearts
We find ways to make fresh starts

She dries her tears beneath me I see
and quietly whispers "someday, love will come back to me"

1 comment:

Taylor said...

absolutely fantastic.
and the part about the bunnies made me laugh out loud.