Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just a little something...

for kathryn to read since I know she reads my blogs....

Well, I am walking alone on the highway
all my friends done left me high and dry
all thats left for me now
is to sit and wonder just why?

did I say something that hurt them?
did I do something that was offensive?
maybe it just wasn't about them
maybe I am just to pretentious

but I can't wait any longer
for your sensibilities to come back
and I won't stand any longer
with this knife sticking out of my back
and i just won't hold out any longer
cause I know you are never coming back
but I will stand on this mountain and shout out

I'm the last man standin', and my heart is in pieces
see me waiting in the darkness, cause I can't stand the light
I'm the last man standin', and while your knocking at my door,
I won't be there

I have waiting these long hours sitting, wishing
but you just don't seem that interested in me
so maybe I just need to forget about you
take a good look now, and maybe soon you will see!

I am not gonna just sit back, while the world goes passing by
I won't just, sit on down, and fall on my knees and cry
no no, I won't be silent, I will not submit,
I won't waste my time searching for a memory

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